NEXA 3D : NXE 400

NXE 400

Industrial 3D Printer
With an unprecedented 16L build volume measuring 10.8 in x 6.3 in x 15.7 in (27.5 cm x 16 cm x 40 cm), intelligent optimization, and Nexa3D’s revolutionary patented Lubricant Sublayer Photocuring (LSPc) technology, the NXE 400 photopolymer 3D printer is perfect for any application.

2.5x Larger Build Volume
Features 2.5 times greater build volume (17L) compared to currently available technologies, allowing for much larger parts, higher part throughput, and ultimately lower part cost, all with higher-resolution pixels (76 µm) and isotropic prints.

6.5x Greater Print Speed
Patented LSPc process enables production speeds that are up to 6.5x faster than other production systems. Uniform exposure and process control also ensure production build speeds at the highest quality levels.

Broad Material Selection
Offering the widest range of materials to meet all your performance needs, including PP-Like, ABS-Like, and engineering-grade functional materials. Additionally, there are specialty materials tailored specifically for the production of precision investment casting patterns.

NXE 400 has the broadest range of functional photoplastic materials in its printer class. We offer a variety of materials that are tailored to meet your every need, from general purpose prototyping to industry-specific manufacturing at scale.

NexaX 2.0 software enables process stability and print consistency. It also provides APIs that make the integration of a variety of software tools easy, including assembly parts consolidation, generative design, lightweighting, and MES workflows.

Post Production
xCure and xWash post-processing systems ensure consistent mechanical properties and predictable part peformance. The xWash system accommodates the full build volume of the NXE 400 and can accept up to two build platforms simultaneously for streamlined post-processing workflow.

NXD400 Specs 1024x493 - NXE 400


Advanced Functional Photoplastic 3D Printing Materials – exceptional results

Prototyping and production on 3D printers from Nexa3D is a whole lot faster and practical thanks to our ever-expanding library of functional photoplastic materials that are tailored to meet your every need, from general purpose prototyping to industry-specific manufacturing at scale.

PP Like Functional 1 - NXE 400

PP-Like Functional
A tough, impact-resistant material with a modulus similar to molded unfilled polypropylene. Exhibits excellent weathering characteristics and UV stability making it suitable for end-use par applications.

ABS Like Functional 1 - NXE 400

ABS-Like Functional
High-performance, high modulus material that boasts excellent flexural and tensile physical properties with a relatively high degree of elongation.

Engineering Plastic Functional 1 - NXE 400

Engineering Plastic Functional
A stiff, heat-resistant material with an HDT of 230C, similar to many PEAK thermoplastics like PEEK.


Genral Use - NXE 400

General Purpose
xGPP-Translucent & Gray. High detail, great surface finish.

Specialty - NXE 400

Tailored specifically for the production of precision casting patterns on the NXE400 3D printer.

Untitled 1 - NXE 400

Biocompatible resins engineered for dental applications.

elastomers - NXE 400

A medium soft rubber-like material that cures to a soft, elastomeric material.


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