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ETEC Xtreme 8K


The Xtreme 8K makes volume production of 3D-printed parts a reality, with the ability to print thousands of parts per day. With wide material compatibility, including hard plastics, high-temperature plastics, elastomers and rubbers, the Xtreme 8K enables the production of the broadest possible range of parts.

The Xtreme 8K leverages long-chain polymer chemistry to create fully-isotropic, stable, end-use parts, and features a heated vat, allowing users to process highly viscous and solid materials at room temperatures.
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Featured Materials

190+ Materials available


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E-Rigid Form

Polyurethane-like resin with high strength and stiffness

E-RigidForm is a polyurethane-like resin that 3D prints strong, hard, and stiff end-use parts. E-RigidForm has high tensile strength, delivers good heat deflection, and is waterresistant. E-RigidForm is a versatile and tough material that is ideal for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.

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Semi-flexible ABS-like material with high impact strength and excellent surface finish

LOCTITE® E-3843 is an ideal material for end use parts production or functional prototyping. An ETEC-validated material from Henkel, E-3843 is a high-performance, high-modulus product which boasts excellent flexural and tensile properties with a relatively high degree of elongation. It offers good impact resistance and thermal stability making it suitable for many demanding engineering applications. E-3843 is available in black or grey.

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Elastic ToughRubber™ 70 from Adaptive3D

Tough, high-strength rubber with shore A70 hardness and extremely high elongation

Elastic ToughRubber™ (ETR) unlocks the benefits of additive manufacturing for the rubber, polyurethane, and foam industries. ETR 70 has excellent elongation which makes it great for applications like gaskets and protective housings.

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