Cms : CMS Tracer 100



“All in One” Machining Center

Tracer 100

“All in one” machining center, 3 and 5 axes for the processing of plastic materials and advanced materials, equipped with technical solutions especially dedicated to the technical article and the low-drawing thermoformed products.

  • wide workpiece passage in Z up to 250mm
  • best-in-class range of spindles for all machining needs up to 15kw and 24.000 rpm
  • incomparable optimization of encumbrance thanks to the available “pro-speed” and “pro-space” solutions


Technical Data

Vectorial speed X-Y axes “PRO-SPACE” version* m/min 56
Vectorial speed X-Y axes “PRO-SPEED” version** m/min 78
Z axis panel passage mm 180 (250 opz)
Routing unit
Motor power (max.) kW (hp) 15 (20,5)
Rotation speed (max.) rpm 24000
Available tools on tool changer (up to) places 57
Drilling unit
independent vertical spindles (up to) n. 21
Independent horizontal spindles (up to) n. 12
Rotation speed (max.) rpm 8000
Integrated blade in X, diameter mm 125
Exhaust air consumption m3/h 4430
Exhaust air speed m/sec 25
Exhaust outlet diameter mm 250

*with high dynamic equipment: 84 m/mm

**with high dynamic equipment: 113 m/mm


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