Cms : BR5S Automatic Thermoforming

BR5S Automatic Thermoforming

The br5s series – manual or automatic sheet loading thermoforming machines – is characterized by an extremely innovative parts management system. Loading of the sheet to be formed, the forming machine, set up and the piece unloading are carried out automatically. The quick change equipment, complete diagnostics and networking make the machine extremely versatile and user-friendly.

  • Rapid change of machine settings, with the integrated software systems
  • Clamp frame dimensions are stored to speed up the adjustment of the upper frame
  • All movements are motorized. The mold-plate has a servo movement managed via PC with stored speed and
positioning information. The patented mechanics work using two electronically coupled servomotors (gantry),
ensuring a quick and precise positioning of the mold
  • Alignment and centering in both directions with an automatic measuring system and the possibility of
loading sheets without interruption of production
  • Dimensions: from 1.200×800 mm to over 4.000 mm


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