Cms : BR5 Masterform VacuumForming Machines

BR5 Masterform VacuumForming Machines

Strength, ease of use and safety

Over 30 years of research and development make the BR5 series – manual sheet loading thermoforming machines – a point of reference in the market. One of the special features of this range is the extreme ease and speed of change over, in fact, the time required for such operations is reduced to just a few minutes, thanks to the detailed studies made to speed up these processes. The machine program uses a control and diagnostic system which is extremely comprehensive and easy to use.

  • Extremely rapid mold change, with integrated systems in the software
  • Clamp frame dimensions are stored to further speed up the adjustment of the upper frame
  • All movements are motorized. The mold-plate has a brushless movement managed with a PC
    that stores speed and positioning information. The patented mechanics work using two electronically
    coupled servomotors (gantry), that ensures a quick and precise positioning of the mold
  • Dimensions: 1.200×800 mm to over 4.000 mm


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