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Ron Rankin
CEO / President

ACS CEO Ron Rankin has been in the Fabrication, Manufacturing, and Automation Industries for over 25 years.

Ron started his career as a Welding Engineer developing & implementing mechanized welding applicational techniques and procedures of automated welding equipment – process structural plate welding, process pipe & tube welding, mechanized seam welding and the cladding and surfacing of various exotic metals.

Ron became an early advocate for Additive Manufacturing with his welding accreditations: GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, PAW, LBW & SAW, and endorsements in Robotics, 5 Axis Contour Metal Processing, and 3 & 5 Axis CNC Materials Processing (Plasma, Oxy/Fuel, Waterjet, Laser and Routing Gantry Platforms).

Having these experience under his belt, Ron earned an executive MBA in Operations Management. Ron has combined his work experiences and education to master the intricacies of manufacturing workflow and cost analysis, understanding how automated technologies benefit companies in optimizing their manufacturing processes and workflow.

Ron founded ACS – Fabrication – Manufacturing – Automation in 2010. As a passionate advocate for automation, workflow solutions and additive/subtractive (Hybrid) manufacturing, Ron has built ACS into the highly customer solutions driven company it is today.

Ron’s gratification comes from working with our customers to identify key technologies, to assist in the implementation of those technologies and in helping them grow their businesses profitably.

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Kerri Martin
Business Manager

Kerri Martin has been ACS’s Business Manager since 2014 and has quickly become an integral part of the company’s future growth. In her role, Kerri manages the day-to-day business operations, general accounting, logistics, personal resource management, marketing & CRM (Salesforce). Most importantly, Kerri works for and with ACS’s valued customers.

Kerri studied Registered Nursing and Biology at Western Washington University, and after working 5 years as a Registered Nurse she took several years off to raise her two daughters. During that time, she trained as a contract accountant with a Bellingham CPA.

When Kerri returned the workforce, she gained experience with a range of small and large start-up companies and entrepreneurs. While doing so, she became passionate about supporting innovative businesses and individuals and helping find solutions to the multifaceted challenges they present.

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Dustin Reynolds
Customer Service Manager

Dustin Reynolds started his career in computer technical support after obtaining an associate degree in Computer Technology. It was during this time that Dustin was introduced to Multicam Northwest (now ACS).

For the last 15+ years, Dustin has serviced ACS equipment and has unquestionably supported ACS’s customers within the vertical industries we sell & service: Fabrication, Manufacturing, Boat Building, Aerospace and the sign & graphic industries.

Dustin commands a wide range of knowledge in Routing, Knife and Plasma Cutting Platforms and, as ACS’s Customer Service Manager, Dustin’s primary goal is to provide ACS’s customers with the highest possible quality in training and support to help them transition, upgrade, and/or grow their business.

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Zachary Forland
Application Sales Consultant

Zach has an associate degree in Material Sciences and Technology and a diverse range of experiences that have allowed him to work with 3 & 5 axis CNC machines, thermoforming machines, autoclaves, roto molders, CNC lasers, press brakes, CAD/CAM and additive manufacturing.

One of Zachary’s genuine interests and proficiencies is in the areas of Hybrid Manufacturing, (Additive & Subtractive Manufacturing) – Zachary’s personal tagline is “The Future is Hybrid”.

Zach describes himself as a “Jack of all trades” as his interests, education, and career choices, to date, have specialized in innovating manufacturing processes to produce quality parts in an efficient way, utilizing automation and lean manufacturing wherever possible. This includes one-off prototypes or full production runs. This ultimately increase ACS’s value proposition and profitability for our customers.

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Jared Berg
Applications Engineer

Jared has CAD/CAM experience in the programming of CNC Lasers and 3 Axis Routing Platforms, the design and fabrication of metal and plastic components makes him and excellent addition to ACS Group Of Companies.

With his strong organizational skills, his engineering principles and problem-solving skills, is set to bring added value to the ACS Team, to ACS’s highly valued customers and to ACS’s OEM’s.

Jared has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Minor in Business Administration, and a passion for working on his vehicles and extreme sports equipment (Jet Skis) is driven to bring significant contribution to The ACS Group of Companies.