The ACS Group of Companies – ACS Legacy, ACS Hybrid Inc., ACS Garage and 3D Composites – are a team of application and material processing consultants offering a highly selective curated mix of solutions explicitly intended to meet the diversified requirements for the markets we sell and service: Fabrication, Manufacturing, Automation and Hybrid (Additive & Subtractive Manufacturing Industries).

ACS has a proven track record for recommending solutions based on our customers’ needs and problems. Put more concisely – ACS offers solutions, not products.

With an over a 40% repeat business rate, ACS’s successes are a direct result of our customer service philosophy, our ability to listen, discuss and educate our partnering industries and customers, while offering an unbeatable range of Advanced Technologies, Digital Technologies, Workflow Technologies, Automation & Manufacturing Solutions.

ACS makes an outstanding industry partner!

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Photopolymer / Polymer Additive Manufacturing

High Resolution photopolymer/ polymer processes are excellent at producing parts with fine details and a smooth surface finish. This makes them ideal for prototyping, industrial, fabrication, production, casting and many jewelry, dental and medical applications. Photopolymer resins and powders are available in different colors and exhibit different physical properties, each corresponding to a specific application.

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) / FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

FDM or FFF printing technology is utilized for crafts and hobbies as well as the most demanding, high strength production applications. The use of filaments allows for a wide range of low cost thermoplastics for rapid prototyping to engineering polymers that meet strict strength and flammability requirements. This technology is easily scalable for office desks or large manufacturing environments.

Metal Additive Manufacturing – Bound Metal Deposition / Binder Jet Box

From prototyping to mass production, metal additive manufacturing offers the ability to produce complex part geometries not previously possible or realistic to produce out of metal. In a variety of applications, metal additive manufacturing is used to reduce weight, maintain strength and simplify manufacturing processes.

3 & 5 Axis Routing

3 and 5 axis routing solutions that offer versatility from flat panel routing to complex 3-dimensional routing and trimming. Applications range from wood, plastic, composites and aluminum, serving a variety of industries.

High Speed 5 Axis Machining Centers

5-axis high speed movable-bridge machining centers specifically designed for high speed machining of composite materials and light alloys, providing exceptional motion dynamics to ensure high productivity.


Thermoforming is the process by which three dimensional plastic parts are shaped from a softened thermoplastic sheet. The process involves heating a plastic sheet to a temperature range where it is soft, and then stretching it against a cool mold surface. When the sheet has cooled to the point where it retains the shape of the mold, the sheet is removed from the mold and excess plastic trimmed from the part.

Services Provided

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) can be faster, more flexible, and less expensive while still producing quality parts. There are unlimited design possibilities for any industry, including aerospace, architectural, transportation, and energy. Many projects we work on at ACS Hybrid are personal and individual ideas that start as imaginations. Our customers bring them over – and we’ll turn them into reality. 3D Composites, ACS Hybrid’s collaborative customer service provider, is proud to be ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified as well as ITAR compliant. It is our aim to provide you with parts that have been manufactured with the purpose of excellence and customer satisfaction.

The ACS Garage

Our team is standing by, ready to buy trade-ins and sell those quality used devices on The ACS Garage site. Let us partner with you through our Garage portal to help you free up capital and deliver your quality products to new owners throughout the US.



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